Rich surprised us all at the World Powerlifting Championships Saturday September 9, 2017 setting two new world records.
A 358 lb. World Record Squat and an amazing 424.2 lb. World Record Deadlift. At 79 Years of age! 160 lb. body weight.



Rich was still going strong at the AAPF Nationals - May 27, 2017

This was Rich's 43rd National Title and he set a World Record 355 lb. Squat at age 79!

Congratulations to Rich on his 26th World Title and World Record 353 lb. Squat

November 10, 2016 --- Baton Rouge, LA


Rich did a fantastic job at the 2015 World Powerlifting Competition in Idaho Falls.
This is Rich's 25th World Title at age 77
He went 9 for 9, and set 3 World Records !


Congratulations to Rich on his 24th World Title and World Record 352.5 lb. Squat
November 13, 2014 - West Palm Beach, FL
165.2 lb.  Bench Press --- WR 352.5 Squat --- 374.7 Deadlift --- 892.4 Total
Not Bad for 76 years old!!! And he's not done yet. Rich is training for the Masters Nationals - April 11th in Chicago

Pictures of Rich and Cathy

World Record 308.5 Squat World Record 402.2 Deadlift  
Rich Flores World Record 308.5 Squat Rich Flores World Record 402.2 Deadlift

Congratulations to Rich on his 40th National Title
April 27, 2014 in Baton Rouge, LA   
Rich went 9 for 9 and set 3 World Records --- WR 308.5 Squat ---WR 402.2 Deadlift --- and WR 876 Total

Rich took 1st place in his division at the WPC Championships in England. 22nd World Title

Rich Flores' workout warm up #1

Rich Flores' workout warm up #2

   556.6 lb. World Record Squat at 69 years old!

Rich receiving the "Best Lifter Award" from Ernie Frantz


457.25 lb. Squat

71 years old

165 lb. class

70-74 age group



May 3, 2009

Baton Rouge,


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Rich's Drug Test


Il State Meet pictures March 2011

Pictures from AAPF Nationals - Romulus, MI

APF Nationals - Baton Rouge, LA
WPC 2008 - West Palm Beach, FL
AAPF Gold Cup Championships Nov. 8, 2008
Pictures of Past Meets
Summer Bash 2011
Oct. 29, 2011 Meet
2012 Nationals - Rups World Record Bench Press
Summer Bash 2014

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